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How To Start Download?

How To Start Download?

15 June 2012

Robbins Basic Pathology 8th Edition


Robbins Basic Pathology delivers the pathology knowledge you need, the way you need it, from the name you can trust! This medical textbook's unbeatable author team helps you efficiently master the core concepts you need to know for your courses and USMLE exams.
  • Get a rich understanding of all essential pathology concepts with expert guidance from an all-star editorial team.

  • Grasp the connections between basic science and clinical medicine with clinicopathologic correlations throughout.

  • Access information anywhere - from the coffee shop to the classroom - with full-text online access at studentconsult.com.

  • Take your learning farther with targeted therapy boxes, clinical cases, virtual microscope slides, and self-assessment questions online!
  • Learn core concepts quickly and efficiently with a highly templated design that highlights pathogenesis and morphology.

  • New interior design with a more modern look

  • Artwork revised and updated for a more modern look and more three-dimensional feel

  • Targeted Therapy boxes included in online text - provides clinical information on appropriate therapy related to the disease under discussion

  • All photomicrographs and gross photos reviewed and improved to ensure excellent quality
A trusted title in the world of pathology, Robbins offers easy-to-access information that's concise and accurate


  1. Great book! Excellent upload! Thanks a lot!

  2. the file is corrupt,cant open..plz help.

  3. beware - this is a hoax site. no book downloads, just a lot of unwanted software. IT TAKES OVER YOUR BROWSER AND REMOVES YOUR ORIGINAL SETUP.


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